My confessions

 ” You were dragging me down, so I pushed you away “

never coming back
never coming back
let it go
let it fucking go
why. cant. you. forget. like. they. did.
no will every stay. ever.

My biggest fear is starting too become myself..
These thoughts of self hatred are eating me alive..
I’m so fucked up what is wrong with me?

Why am I like this?
Why can’t I be normal?

Why does this shadow of pain follow me around and come out of it’s shape at night? Leave me alone depression leave me the fuck alone

i’m screaming for someone..anyone… to make the pain stop…….. but no one is listening..because nobody cares

I’ve lost myself so long ago..
I’ve pretended everything wasn’t there
I’m dead inside
please let me go
I can’t live like this anymore

you all think i’m better
but you have no idea…and you won’t until I’m gone

I will never be okay..until I’m dead.