My confessions

You know when someone says something to you and it just eats at you and you say in your head over and over and over again. yeah fuck you for making my depression even worse and making me hate myself even fucking more.

going to the hospital hopefully they can fix me ..

You might look at my life and tell me 10 reasons why I shouldn’t kill myself..
but at the end of the day. You’re not me, you don’t have my illness, you don’t know what I’ve been/going through and you just don’t understand..

So thank you for your selfish opinion on why you think I should force myself to live a life in misery, just because you want me in your life, or if you’re a stranger and you’d feel guilty.

No. Shut the fuck up.
If I decide to kill myself it’s no on you it’s on me, and it’s my decision.
I know this sounds fucked up but really. That’s how it fucking is.

Shut up

My ways to kill myself list is longer than any Christmas list you can think of…

To the people who ignore people like me

(depressed, anxious, bipolar, broken, ..a mess)

If I ever kill myself
don’t you dare say some shit
like “bullying is wrong”
"people should have been there"

May point is
DON’T say anything.
You don’t know me, and you never even gave me the chance.